Friday, July 07, 2006

Sneezes come in threes

I guess dates do, too. So last week (something like the last week, with the holiday, I have no idea what day it is) I had three real dates. One with the woman of unknown age, one with the Florida dentist and one with PRJ.

And, what I've decided, is that if one is not in a relationship, one needs to have a rotation (thanks Polly!). I made my profile active on J-Date and then started chatting with MySpace people and at a certain point, I may have had eight women on the hook. Of course, I got too into a couple and probably scared them off, but there were still a few left that I couldn't screw up with, because I hadn't talked with them enough...

So, it's like, if you want to have three women in your life, you've gotta kind of have five, just in case you mess up with two.

So, I went out for a beer with the woman of unknown age...and she started getting very deep with me, talking about living life on a higher the Celestine Prophecy? I have no idea. I'm still curious about her. We'll see if I see her again.

I enticed the Florida dentist to come out to see the France/Brazil soccer game with me and some friends. Then they left and we spent a loooong time together. Dinner, drinks, and a kiss goodnight. She can certainly hold up her end of the conversation.

Went out to mee the PRJ and her friends at a fratty-type bar on the UES. I told her I would only come if she bought me four drinks (dollar drinks) and she did! Craziness. A few more drinks and a few kisses later, it was time to go home.

So, following my boy David's principles, I kind of laid back. I had work on Sunday and Monday, and I was off on the 4th and 5th.

Somewhere along the way, another MySpace girl came into the picture. She's been talking to me too much, and I'm such an attention whore. I can't resist IMing people when they're online. So I've been talking with...let's call her 23 for a while. She seems pretty cool so far. Trying to make plans to see her sometime.

So, anyway, on the night of the 3rd, I'm jabbering away on IM at work with the dentist, and she says she's at home and drunk. She says call her when I'm done (which was around 3 a.m.) It was my first-ever booty call...and I was the one who was getting called. How about that?

So, of course, the one I'm most interested in at the moment, let's just call her the curly-haired dancer, seems not to realize what I'm up to.

But, I have some others to keep my mind occupied.

And YKW is back from Israel. She IMed me today before she had to go take a drug test for her new job.

Sheesh...keeping up with the rotation is hard work! But good work.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Get it? Up-dating?
Anyway, no go with Carmela. She e-mailed me and cancelled on our plans for the weekend, claiming she didn't connect with me on our five-minute phone call. Her loss, right? So much for "penning" me in.

The Flower came by, I saw her, she left. No kiss. She pissed me off. Double booked me and a friend of hers. Bitch, right? First time you're going to see your ex boyfriend in six months, and halfway through a wander around the Time Warner Center, you say, oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you...I'm meeting someone for dinner at 7. It was 6:51.

So, the interesting thing that happened is that I was standing on the outskirts of the swing dance on the plaza at Lincoln Center on Friday night, waiting for a friend of mine, and this woman, of some age (was she 30 or 40? I have no idea) comes up and starts chatting with me like she's my long-lost best friend. A little off-putting at first, but fun to have someone pay so much intense attention to me for five minutes. Anyway, at the end of the five minutes, she asks for my card. I'm still trying to figure out what her motivation she just being friendly, or is she interested?

Anyway, I run the scenario by a few people, men and women, and they all say I'm gonna get a call from her by the middle of the week. And today, at 5, she calls. "Hey, do you want to meet for a drink sometime this week?" Wednesday it is. More later.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where to begin?

At the beginning, right?

Since today is day two of the new and improved blog, I'll start with today.

What's new...well, after a week of not talking, due to what seemed to be the end of our fucked up relationship (more on that as we go) YKW (which stands for "You Know Who") gets back in touch. She's upset that she's upset and upset that I'm upset. She's leaving for Israel tomorrow. We patched things up a little bit. Instead of plans to never speak to each other again (or at least a few months) we've resolved to get a beer sometime. As my Dad told me, the other day, about a different topic, "Be patient and expect nothing." Good advice to employ here with YKW.

The Flower is going to be in New York this weekend. She says that since we're not dating anymore, she won't kiss me. We'll see what happens.

In the midst of my first phone call with Carmela, yesterday, YKW sends me an IM, utimately resulting in the patch-up. However, I had an interesting chat with Carmela. She's a fan of researching the Mafia...hence the nickname, in honor of Carmela Soprano. Anyway, she gave me her e-mail address on the phone, and I sent her a short message. However, I didn't get a reply, which means I might have typed it down wrong. I'm not too worried, because I can pick up the phone and call her, right?

Interesting note came out of my conversation with Carmela...I went to the fancy Equinox gym in the basement of the Time Warner Center on Friday evening for a tour. She was there. She recognized me from my photo...which is kind of cool, and kind of an interesting coincidence. I don't, however, think I'll be joining that gym, even though the showers were incredible. It's way too expensive.

More to come...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chapter One

Okay, I've been egged on enough by the fellow daters out there to make this blog a little more about dating and a little less about other stuff. Who really cares who's starting for me at second base?

So, let me introduce you to some characters in my life:

YKW -- someone, who was extremely involved in my life over the last 10 weeks. She was tall, cute, funny, sporty, shared some key background commonalities. She was making "girlfriend noises" before I was making "boyfriend noises." Yet, we could never get our shit together to meet, and finally broke up, or so I thought, last week.

Making me free to contact:

Carmela -- she seems cool based on her profile on Salon's personals site. A high school teacher in one of the five boroughs. Likes the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Yankees (could there be a worse combination for a Cleveland boy?)

And possibly meet up with:

The Flower -- a young lady from upstate who gave me a gift most men don't get to experience, and helped me end a multi-year drought. She'll be visiting her cousin in NYC this weekend.

Now that you know some players, we'll see where this goes.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Okay, I'm in New York

Come and visit me or something. I live right next to the GW Bridge. In Manhattan. It's easy, as long as you don't end up in New Jersey.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Checking In

So, it's been a few months. How's everybody doing? Not that I expect that there are a lot of people out there checking this...but anyway. I figure that when I was last blogging, my life was moving forward. Since I've stopped, nada. So, here's to a new blog entry. More to follow.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Completely Insane

Okay, so last night, I said to myself - I can still win this week's fantasy football matchup if Larry Johnson, the Chiefs' running back, has a monster game against the woeful Houston Texans. Something like 3 touchdowns and 150 yards would have done the trick. So, what do I do but sit on the couch for two hours with my roommate watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, to flip back to ESPN as soon as the shows are over, and find that Johnson has like 175 yards and 2 touchdowns, and there is still about 8 minutes to play in the game. I check the live scoring on and find out that I'm trailing, something like 98-95. All Johnson needs is a touchdown, and I win the game with the 6 points that's worth. But does he get a touchdown? No. The Chiefs give him the ball a couple of times right by the goal line, one time he gets tackled in the backfield (apparently for the first time of the game by the sucky Texans) and the next time the whistles blow signifying offsides. So, instead of having the ball at the half-yard line, the Chiefs have to go back to the 5.5 yard line. Next play, pass to Samie Parker for a touchdown. Johnson is stuck on something like 186 yards and my team is still down 98-96. So, damn you Samie Parker and Chiefs offensive linemen who went offsides!
Anyway, next thing you know, the Chiefs get the ball back and Johnson gets two carries to get up to 211 yards and I take the lead 100-98.
I can't believe how thrilled I was to win this game - especially since I had been so close the previous two weeks (a Reggie Wayne sure touchdown dropped steps from the end zone in the Pats/Colts Monday night game a few weeks ago, and Lee Evans coming out of nowhere for two touchdowns - 0n the bench of course - prevented me from being 5-5 or 6-4 and fighting for first place.)
Anyway, thanks to LJ, I'm back in the playoff hunt. I've moved to 5-6 and I may be just a game out of first place in the parity division.
Stay tuned.